About Just the Fucking Food

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At Just the Fucking Food (JTFF) all we care about is the food. Exhausted by pre-recipe heartwarming family stories and restaurant reviews by people who flaunt their “influencer” status to get free stuff, we here at JTFF seek to create a better kind of food blog.

JTFF has a simple proposition: all we will talk about is food. No one cares that nana used to make this banana bread for you when you were young. Sure, ambiance and service is important when dining out, but what really matters is the fucking food.

To further this goal, I have recruited a band of professional cooks, chefs, bartenders, and servers. In other words, people that really know and love food. A combination of expertise, industry insider experience, and a hyper focus on just one part of the dining experience allows us to provide you, the precious reader, exactly what they need to know about the fucking food.

I do hope you enjoy!
– Bartender Mike